Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Importance of replacing a rotten sub-floor

In the past few months I have done a lot of sub-floor repairs in bathrooms due to water damage from leaking showers, tubs and/or toilets.  One job I just recently completed, the toilet was literally sinking into the floor. (See photo)
Sinking toilet

I first removed the toilet and found that the wax ring was completely deteriorated, and had been for some time now, by the extent of the damage done.  After the toilet was removed, I pulled up the old vinyl flooring to access the rotten sub-floor.  Once this was done I was able to assess the amount of damage and note which areas I needed to repair.  I then cut out the damaged sub-floor and reinforced and supported the water-damaged floor joists.  It was then time to replace the rotten sub-floor with a tongue-and-groove plywood sub-flooring and then install the underlayment, which sits between the sub-floor and the flooring material.
Damaged Sub-Floor due to leaking toilet

After sub-floor has been removed

Once the sub-floor was repaired it was time to lay the new vinyl plank flooring.  The tenant was thrilled as well as relieved, as the fear of falling through the floor was no longer a threat! :-)

Finished product - New Vinyl Plank Floor installed